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Colin McRae dies in Helicopter Crash.


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Although I've never watched Colin McRae and never knew much about him, I do have fond memories of Colin McRae Rally as a young 11-year-old! Therefore his death is saddening. :(

Edit: Oh shit:

Police confirmed the next day that McRae, his five year old son Johnny, and two family friends, Graeme Duncan and Johnny's six year old friend Ben Porcelli, died in the crash.

That makes it significantly sadder.

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i was talking about this in the cars channel last night, it sucks. helicopters are badass but they completely suck when it comes to failures. cars can coast to a stop, planes can glide down. helicopters fucking fall from the sky and you're fucked. i doubt they can come to any real conclusion but id totally be willing to bet it was a mechanical failure. its sad, and rally racing is badass. that is all.

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":s3yz4nqo]You guys think codemasters will make another Colin macrae game? In the honor of the man himself?

Well, to be blunt then its good for Codemasters that they called the latest edition "Colin McRae's DIRT". My money's on them calling calling it something like DiRT 08 from here on, unless they decide to stop using any names that are just slightly related to Colin McRae.

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