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Hi there

Finaly this is the release version of de_overdrive

for resuming it's a 52 spawns defuse/bomb map.

with 2 bomb site.

it takes place in a cyberpunk environement (ref to monalisa overdrive from W Gibson)

i've try to make a near futur dark city ambiance as you can see on the screens







You can download it here

Hope you'll like it

i wich to thank rikku2000 for the skybox's models and the =[brakass]= team for testing.

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I like the outdoor shots (reminds me of one of the Deus Ex levels) but not the indoor ones. These rooms do contain some detail, but placed strictly against the walls, making them look too empty and somehow disproportionated to me, especially in the third shot (feels like a pretty large room for only a few shelves and washing machines.) The textures and objects in that shot feel right, it's just about the placement & size of the scene I think.

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Thanks for the comments

For explaining the final result i should say that i realy had a tough work on the map, one of the more difficult map i had to finish.

But i had always keep in mind the gameplay and the framerate, that could explain some details and the few models how corresponds with the environement.

On my opinion the graphics for this map isn't as good as the gameplay. I couldn't realise what i had in mind unfortunatly , sometimes you just pass away. :(

But there will be other maps and other projects :D

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