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Before they were famous: A Mikezilla Story

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So i was clearing out an old computer of porn and such stuff and came across some old videos mikezilla did. I've uploaded them for your viewing pleasure.

CaterpillarWeb (riding a caterpillar being pulled by a truck)


CrapWeb (jackass piss take)


Cribs Piss Take Part 1 (mtv cribs piss take)


Cribs Piss Take Part 2


Mike give me a shout if you would like these taken down and the shrine destoryed :)

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yeah I have found a few of those while cleaning up a computer a while back. Great Find :elrey:

Wow Fletch looks like 12 years old, maybe you should be asking him he wants the tapes burned :P

Cribs was without a doubt one of the best.

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