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mmm, balls


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Yeah :D, within a deep forest was a really cool game, atmospheric, innovative and quite challenging.

But while we are speaking of Nifflas, he released not so long ago Knytt stories (the sequel of Knytt) which is a plateformer more based on exploration and the atmospheric side of the levels than the action side a platformer could have, it's not challenging at all but i liked it :).

That guy is a real passionate at what he do, and what i like the most : he got his own touch.

I've read somewhere that he is working in an establishment for mentally retarded people and that he makes games also for them, to make them feel something through his games, and there was a photo of him added with the article, he looked like the motherfucking Jesus Christ !!! :shock:

check it out if you got time


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The freshness of something is entirely relative to the person who's looking at it, Steppenwolf. If you want to be a complete ass then do it on another forum.

I agree completely. Was just showing Sentura a mirror :cool:


yeah but then again, that is eot and this is a normal discussion forum. i'd have guessed you could tell the difference.

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