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Crysis MP Exclusive Beta


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Well, I'm getting sick and tired of these FPS "Betas" anyway. Its become a fucking buzzword, everythings a fucking beta. Call it a demo like it is! I mean TF2 is a perfect example, they're releasing the Beta like 2 weeks before the final game is shipping. Does that mean they're selling people an unfinished product? :)

Beh I'm just angry, Beta used to mean something, I guess :G

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I have to agree that I'm getting tired of seeing 'beta' thrown around so much. Beta is meant to be the state the game's in before it's gone through final quality assurance and everything; how on earth can that be the case if the beta's hitting only weeks before the final release?

EA recently did beta testing of the upcoming Battlefield 2142 patch (has a new map and shit), and the community is actually shocked that it's been over a month since the beta testing without a release. I mean, the developers do have to actually address all the problems found in the beta testing; it's not a one-day fix -- that's the point. So now EA and DICE are getting loads of shit because they're doing it properly (which is admittedly a rarity when it comes to EA quality assurance).

It's just giving gamers a false perception of what beta actually is, and they expect something that's not very buggy and for the final release to come almost immediately afterwards.


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I only put 3 close r/l friends on the list - I considered to put some MapCorians on it, but then I thought, others might feel betrayed. Me so sorry :(

Beta is meant to be the state the game's in before it's gone through final quality assurance and everything; how on earth can that be the case if the beta's hitting only weeks before the final release?

It can very well be if the game hasn't reached gold status yet - it is in beta state :)

It might be that the timespan between closed-public beta-testing and gold status/release date is getting increasingly shorter these days, but it usually also means that once you get your hands on a beta, you will be able to play a close to finished game.

And it is indeed possible to incorporate feedback from the public beta testers into the game, because the most valuable feedback is for balancing and that is most of the time just changing a few numbers (and is something that is still done after the release of the game, see patches). Stability and bugs are better something for internal QA testers.

I'm not sure what the reason for this is though, maybe developers/publishers are more anxious about people bashing the game nowadays...

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Umm....this doesn't sound good.

DX9 vs. DX10 – The endless question

To shed some light into one of the most discussed topics regarding Crysis multiplayer I would like to explain you the differences between Crysis MP DX9 and DX10.

As for the DX9 version we won’t have physics and day and night cycle in-game. That means you won’t be able to shoot down trees and/or alter any other objects than vehicles on the map. Additionally the time of day setting doesn’t change dynamically. This is caused due to the tremendous server load such physics might cause on crowded gaming servers. Still you will be able to experience maps with different time of day settings since the maps can be altered in the Sandbox2 Editor.

Rather than providing the community partially working features we limit this for the DX10 version only. Due to the strong hardware available with DX10, server load is less and performance is increased. This ensures the pure physics and day and night cycle experience without any limitation.

Gamers with a DX10 card are able to play on DX9 servers, but with the limitation of the respective server. Vice versa it is not possible for gamers with DX9 cards to play on DX10 servers due to the limited features.

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I'm not saying this is true to everyone, or that they don't also serve the primary purpose of demos, but these betas can still be used as an actual testing period. It just means any substantial issues are going to end up in the patch you download 2 days after release. It's pretty common for massively multiplayer games go gold before the thing is close to being finished and then you downloading the rest of the game a few days later.

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