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99 achievements in Orange Box


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Whaaaa??! I thought the rules from MS was a maximum of 50 (and 1000 actual points, obviously). Must've changed since I last read them (or maybe its different because its some kinda of compilation package.

Good thing I've been planning on buying it via Steam all along anyway. But I know you're desperately trying to catch up with my Gamerscore Mojo so rock on ;)

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They took a note from BF2. People in the bf2 community go nuts for medals etc. They had Bronze silver and gold achievements. I think these are in 1 round medals, at least i hope. The reason why they stick them in is so people have goals in a long run instead of feeling that you play round by round. Rather smart thing to to do tbh.

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To be honest then I think the most brilliant part of the achievements is the fact that I can follow how long people have progressed in games I'm also playing. For example with Bioshock I could check out how far somebody else from work was to see if I'd be able to talk with them about something the next day, that kinda stuff.

Plus even the people at work who were thought it was the dumbest thing ever eventually got soft when they finally got a 360 and started playing a few games. Everybody can agree that its fucking dumb in the long run, but it does add something that makes each game you play feel a bit more valuable beyond just completing them. Plus the fact that developers can almost invent new game modes just by using achievements for those who want to hunt them.

Anyway, you're all naysayers and haters but Mojo know what its about!

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