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Spider Tank


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Ok this has been catching dust for too long on my harddrive now, been too lazy to make some proper screens of it. Some of you may remember it from the randommodel thread.

The model will be used for my Prey level called "Soul Gems" as a vehicle for the player to rock some shit. :D So far it's just the finished highpoly, so theres still the rest to be done, screens are from Zbrush.

Anyway enough talk now :zoidberg:







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Hot stuff !

Can't wait to see low-poly with normals and a texture...


Sindwiller:Well it depends on personal preference but nowadays it's more wise to do the highpoly first. I will make the low by simply creating a new mesh around the highpoly that lings up with it.

Qft !

But i was like you Sindwiller. Nowaday you make a low poly base mesh... Use you favourite sculpture program and make a low compared to the hi detailed model ! :banjo:

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How will you actually do a low poly version out of it? Making the lowpoly model first and then the high poly one seems easier to me. :?

1) Make a hi poly ver.

2) Make a normal map

3) Make mapping coordinates

4) Edit mesh / reduce triangles

5) LOD, bip

6) Final mapping / making diffuse

Makinga "low poly" version first is only a method of modeling (not and easier to make for a begginer) but not a method of quick game props...


Second (and good too) method between 3) and 4): Make a low poly mesh on the hi poly model :)

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