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Guitar n00b asking experienced e-guitarists for advise


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Hey, I think about learning how to play the guitar (guitar hero doesn't do it for me anymore..), preferably an e-guitar (rawr).

There must be some people around here, who could give me some advise on good beginner guitars and what amp should go with it.

I know there are 2 different kind of e-guitar styles (fender and les paul) and that I should probably get a guitar that incorporates both styles and can switch inbetween (even if not perfect, but good enough for a beginner, ibanez or yamaha for example).

How much watt would you think is appropriate for a beginner/practise amp? Do built in effects on the amp pay off, so I don't need to buy pedals later on (again, just for practise)?

As far as my music style goes - once I've banged on it for a while, I dream of playing punk rock songs some day ;)

Any kind of advise and bits of information for a beginner is appreciated, thanks!

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go with a classic one first, learn the basic accords (look wiki books) and then you can turn to the e-guitar

classicals can be quite cheap (30€) if you just want it for basic training

oh and you may listen to jack johnson and ben harpor to get some inspirement what you can get out of guitars

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Well, if you want electrical, get electrical. Acoustic won't propably cut it for you, even if it is nice to play acoustic one later because of the nice soft feeling.

I don't know what kind of music do you like, but I could personally recommend ESP-LTD series, especially if you like metal music. There is a Les Paul model, and the 100-> series are ok quality.

I can't really help you with the amp, personally I have a Roland Microcube, which cost me about 90 euros and is a total charm.

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Jack Johnson is definitely not for me, I'm more thinking Pennywise, Offspring, Millencollin...punk rock, pop punk or however you want to define that. Fast and e-guitar basically.

I know I will spend many months stripping chords, until I can play something slightly recognizable, but if even the perfect result wouldn't satisfy me, there is no point for me in trying, so I would like to go for e-guitar, not acoustic.

Grin: The microcube - I guess it doesn't get any smaller than that

:D It sounds good for you? Maybe I should try it, but I'm thinking spending a few more bucks on something bigger might not hurt either..

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http://www.musamaailma.fi/WebRoot/musa/ ... _STBLK.jpg

This is what I'm currently shredding with. I usually use medium picks (I don't really like to use picks) but I've heard that beginners should use heavy picks to get a better response of how you are picking.

The microcube totally gets me. It's got only 2watts, but it gets you enough noise. On a really big pluss, it works for a couple of hours with nothing but batteries (if you wanna go on a little beach jam for example) and it has enough effects for me, phasers, flangers, distortions, acoustic simulation, tuning fork etc. And you can use headphones with it if you are living in a block apartment.

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Hell, get a Les Paul if you can. They are stylish and sound better than standard electric guitars.

I have a Strato but I just can't get arsed to play it, specialy because I ain't got an amp. SonicDM told me there's a cord to plug it into the pc and some softwares to emulate distortion and stuff... I should go look for it.

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If you want to go for an electric guitar frie, go for an electric guitar. I think there's no problem beginning on it especially because that will directly introduce you to all the effects for electrics and plectrum playing which is harder than playing with your fingers, but yeah that can be frustrating.

To start i would recommend a stratocaster, mostly because a stratocaster can be really polyvalent, you can play a lot of kind of music styles with it, so that will let you some time to try some different things.

edit : and yeah especially if you want to play punk rock

So maybe you can find a cheap stratocaster, i got mine : 180 euros

An ampli 110 watts should be enough, you don't want to do concerts already :D, look if it has some basic effects like overdrive, equalizer, maybe distorsion why not : 80 euros

Plectrums : 5 euros

And maybe an electronic accorder to start :P : 25 euros

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Woops i'm late :P

For starters I would recommend a "VOX Pathfinder" amplifier. 10 watt should be enough to get you going. As for what guitar you should buy. A Les Paul is a high quality guitar and very expensive. For starting a Fender Strat should do. You can still 'upgrade' later :)

One guitar you might want to look at a later point is the Gibson SG. I think it would really fit your style of music. It's expensive but awesome. :)

It looks like this... I think this is actually the guitar they used as reference for guitar hero in terms of shape :P


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just a few tid-bits ...

Do you have any friends (in RL) that play? If so, talk to them about it, and have a little fun their guitars and see what you think.

If you decide to go for it ... don't go out any buy a real Les Paul or w/e straight away, get a "good" fake.

Also Min0 ...

I have a Strato but I just can't get arsed to play it, specialy because I ain't got an amp. SonicDM told me there's a cord to plug it into the pc and some softwares to emulate distortion and stuff... I should go look for it.

you're looking for virtuAMP ...


... but you'll need a 6.25mm to 3.5mm adapter.

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