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Acony Games is hiring: Game Designer for FPS


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First things first: This is a full-time, fully paid position that requires relocation to Germany.

But fret not: We encourage applications from non-EU nationals. If you sign a contract, we will organize your visa and work permit for you. You will be fully supported in finding a nice play to stay, organizing health and other insurance as well as a bank account, and you'll be equipped with an extensive survival guide about life in Germany.

Strictly no interns and strictly no freelancers, please!

More about us at: http://www.aconygames.com

Game Designer

Position Summary

The Game Designer designs the rule sets of the game based on the Game Design document. Defines both fun and compelling game play for the appropriate demographic within the specifications of the Lead Designer vision.

Position Responsibilities

- Work with the Lead Game Designer, Creative Director and other team leads to design ideas and mechanics for a next generation title

- Collaborate with producers, engineers, artists and other designers to craft entertaining gameplay experiences

- Help develop new gameplay ideas in a rapid prototyping environment alongside industry leading game developers

- Craft quality, fun designs appropriate to genre, demographic, and platform

- Write thorough and complete feature documentation

- Perform project testing and game evaluation

- Communicate designs clearly to other teams members

- Keep members of the development team in the communication loop, as designs evolve and are finalized

- Work with the development team to ensure timely design buy-in

- Accurately estimate task lengths and meet tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment

- Perform game research, analysis, and competitive analysis

- Manage and document player progression in game, informational displays, and general and user interface structure

- Assist in creative game and level design

- Manage and document on-line requirements

- Manage and document game-specific moves, AI design, and scripting

Position Qualifications/Requirements

- Strong understanding of design tools, map editors and design techniques

- Ability to effectively collaborate with other team members, designers, engineers and artists

- Willing and able to design within technical and other constraints

- Scripting and game balancing experience

- Ability to take and understand direction and feedback.

- Ability to provide leadership to other game designers and team members as it pertains to the realization of fun gameplay

- Experience creating game design documents and diagrams

- Avid gamer with a passion for creating AAA titles for the industry leader

- 3+ years production experience with three or more complete development cycles in a similar role

- Fluency in English

Technical Requirements

- Strong computer skills (MS Project, MS Office, Visio, MindManager, etc.)

- Technically proficient

Soft-Skill Requirements

- Self-managing, with the ability to run with the responsibilities and drive them to timely completion

- Highly creative problem solver


- Experience in multiple 3D art and design tools expressing spatial composition skills

- Preferable (but not necessary to a talented, knowledgeable person) BA(BS)

- Experience with next-gen console development

- Fluency in German

Please send your resume and CV to jobs@aconygames.com

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