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Acony Games is hiring: Character Animator for FPS


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First things first: This is a full-time, fully paid position that requires relocation to Germany.

But fret not: We encourage applications from non-EU nationals. If you sign a contract, we will organize your visa and work permit for you. You will be fully supported in finding a nice play to stay, organizing health and other insurance as well as a bank account, and you'll be equipped with an extensive survival guide about life in Germany.

Strictly no interns and strictly no freelancers, please!

More about us at: http://www.aconygames.com

Character Animator

Position Summary

The experienced character animator will be responsible for animating in-game assets, specializing in characters and other animated figures.

Position Responsibilities

- Animate and rig characters using modeling software

- Demonstrate solid productivity and ability to meet milestones

- Communicate clearly and professionally with the team

- Establish or follow technical guidelines for character art creation

- Resolve artistic discrepancies promptly and professionally with the Art Director and the Production team

- Solve problems and consistently present sound solutions to technical issues

- Perform special projects as assigned

Position Qualifications/Requirements

- Exceptional understanding of animation theory

- Ability to animate characters (and objects) to an extremely high level of quality in a 3D software package

- Experience using motion capture data and preparation for in-game application

- Ability to animate realistic human motions

- Strong sense of weight and timing

- Ability to work in a non-linear fashion

- Ability to create compelling stylized/heroic motion

- Strong proficiency in 3D software package required, XSI preferred

- An overwhelming passion for playing and designing games

- 3+ years production experience with three or more complete development cycles in a similar role

- Fluency in English

Soft-Skill Requirements

- Strong communication and problem solving skills


- Leadership experience in running a small team of Character Animators

- Strong technical skills and knowledge of production pipeline

Please send your resume and CV to jobs@aconygames.com

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