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Acony Games is hiring: Level Designer for FPS


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First things first: This is a full-time, fully paid position that requires relocation to Germany.

But fret not: We encourage applications from non-EU nationals. If you sign a contract, we will organize your visa and work permit for you. You will be fully supported in finding a nice play to stay, organizing health and other insurance as well as a bank account, and you'll be equipped with an extensive survival guide about life in Germany.

Strictly no interns and strictly no freelancers, please!

More about us at: http://www.aconygames.com


Position Summary

The Level Designer collaborates with art and programming teams to create challenging experiences in visually appealing, immersive environments for Acony's current multiplayer videogame project. He directly reports to the Lead Level Designer.

Position Responsibilities

- Collaborate with design team members to design interesting and engaging gameplay scenarios within the established game design guidelines

- Develop scenarios and objectives that add up to a truly great, high quality gaming experience that meets critical and commercial goals

- Design detailed 3D levels for the game including relative locations of terrain, rooms, objects, obstacles and enemies for each gameplay moment as documented by design guidelines, specifications, research and reference materials

- Work closely with art and programming groups through all phases of design, implementation, playtesting and QA

- Develop schedules and time estimates for tasks with the Lead Level Designer, and provide plans for implementation

- Demonstrate solid productivity and ability to meet milestones

- Perform research to acquire new knowledge necessary to perform assigned tasks

Position Qualifications/Requirements

- Skilled with 3D spatial relationships and design of 3D videogames. Experience with 3D architecture and/or 3D modeling is helpful

- Ability to quickly master proprietary tools and development processes

- Ability to analyse competitive games and identify strengths and weaknesses

- Technically-inclined and hands-on level building and scripting skills

- Strong in selling a vision

- Creative and innovative game development experience within a studio environment

- Strong passion for creating immersive, high quality videogames

- Fluency in English

Technical Requirements

- All-around experience with computer game technologies

- Position absolutely requires experience designing and completing levels (not necessarily in a commercial project)

- Only applicants with playable level portfolio and track record will be considered

Soft-Skill Requirements

- Superior communication skills, including the ability to communicate creative ideas through written materials, sketches, drawings and other illustrations

- Ability to present ideas clearly in front of a group

- Excellent problem-solving and interpersonal skills

- Ability to work both as a member of a team, and individually with minimum supervision


- Fluency in German

- Fundamental skills with and understanding of 3D modeling software, such as Maya or 3D Studio Max, and 2D art software like Photoshop.

- Modders are welcome if you have a proven record within the modding community

Please send your resume and CV to jobs@aconygames.com

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Mino - time to move to germany? ;) (I just read that the US failed to give you a Visa :) )

Would love to work at Acony but I doubt I'm skilled enough with 3d Apps neither did I do much with UE yet.

If someone from Acony is reading this:

Bietet Acony auch Ausbildungsplätze bzw. Praktika an?

see PM :)

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The people at Acony know that it's not arcade machines and free candy that will get game developers interested...it's all about the



Beer and women baby that's what I'm talkin bout haha yeahhh emothfivewd2.gif

Omai, German women rock. I might apply purely for this. :cool:

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