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yet another contest


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how about another mini contest? i propose making go kart models in cartoon style.







model should be less ≤512 polies and a 256x256 texture for the car and an additional 64x64 for the wheels maybe. no normalmapping or other stuff. a simple color map for each model. the karts might include a character (if you rip some game of that wouldnt be a problem in my eyes :P)

critics? comments?

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btw. 512 is kinda low if a character is in the mix.

thats the challenge. though many old classics used such low specs.

if we got some people joining this contest i would declare following rules:

512 polies

1x256 texture for the body and character (that means both use the same texture) and 1x64 for the wheels

all textures can use alphatesting/blending but NO normalmapping or specularmasks

the object to model is a kart racer with a character on it (dont mind ripping of existing characters like mario or crash bandicoot).

this contest shall end on 7th October.

all participants should post into the mini contest submissions thread (WIP material is appreciated!)

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