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New graphics site.


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Hey, I've got this thing that I want to share with you.

The thing is TextureHub a website with "swapping skills" as the base idea.

Let me explain: ;)

[insert 2 seconds of silence here]

In short:

It's a site you can add your own work to, promote yourself,

help out mod teams and mappers, get connected with people who need you.

Get help for your project, and maybe find artists for your team.

It's all for non comercial work, mods and privat work but it could lead

you to what you want.

It needs help to get started and time to work but if you are willing to

try it should be a good addition to the modding society.

[give 3 seconds for shock to settle then..]

More info if you are interrested:

I was thinking that there is loads of mappers and small mod projects

around that need support with stuff they make,

like a certain texture a map prop or a skin.

And sometimes not so easy to find someone willing to help out.

My idea was to make a site that would support non comercial

developers/mappers, artists with this, and it would be a good way for artists

to present and share their work and maybe even get connected with a mod team.

It would work as a graphic hub, making connections between artists and

as an advertising spot for your work.

It will mostly be about environment textures/skinning but modeling

and mapping could be covered if I get the right staff/members.

We would also cover other game related news.

[deep breath here and go..]

It's not a tutorial site, we seek artists that already have finnished that stage,

but of course we could have some if requested and someone wants to write one.

(Also there is plenty of good tutorial sites around anyways.)

So far we have only experience with Half Life modding so artists with experience

from modding other games are incurraged to join.

We would like to supplie downloads for older stuff aswell, like wad files

for HL, so if you got some of the old classics, please share them.

We can only host work submitted by the original artist,

or if given a written permission by the original artist.

This is strictly non comercial and the artist will only recive credits for

his work, but this is also a good way to make connections.

I will start off by uploading all my work but this project will only work

if other artists are willing to share some of their work and maybe taking up

some requests.

The site will be shaped by it's users so you could very much be appart of

how this site will be, by adding news, articles, share work and links yourself.

And off course decide the level off your comitment.

This is all very early days and only time will tell if it's a good idea,

but give it a chance and hang in there things might happen.

So in short, if you got some sort of talent within game modding and want

to share it with someone that needs it, I would like to present your work

and make the connection.

[some funky music here and fade in url]

Welcome to http://www.texturehub.net

[right thats a wrap, thank you]


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(20:21:30)      —› now talking in (#texturehub)

(20:21:51) (Skjalg) yo spine

(20:21:56) (Skjalg) why arent you in the insurgency channels? 

(21:11:05) (@spine) Hey Skjalg

(21:11:28) (@spine) The insurgency is on Mirc is it not?

(21:12:01) (@spine) Why are you not registered at TextureHub? 

(21:12:19) (@spine) ok got to eat...ltr[/code]


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