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The Ship sequel announced


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Well, it wasn't exactly the most official or traditional of announcements, but it's still announced! Consolevania recently did a "fluff piece" as they called it for the Edinburgh Games Festival covering the state of the Scottish games industry, and on interviewing my bosses it was announced that we are working on a follow up to our last game The Ship. This was actually about a week ago, but it just now seems to have hit a few news sites and is doing the rounds.


I know a few of you guys around the core tried out the first one, and I'm sure everybody had their fair share of issues with the game, as fun as it often was. As is being reported, this time around we've a fair bit more support in that it isn't being developed off our own back financially. Hopefully that will let us follow through on some of the potential that the first game had, but maybe didn't live up to.

Obviously can't say an awful lot more just now, early days and all that, but thought I'd share it with you lot :)

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Ah there you go, I saw it on Shacknews yesterday but forgot to post it here...I played the ship, it didn't keep me playing longer than for a month, but it definitaley filled some lunch breaks and early ervening hours. Was good fun and had a completely different edge to mp fps, can't wait to see what the sequel will have in stores! :)

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