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assassination attempt


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I was walking in the alley today this eve, when I met my friend near the motorbus station.. And later I was assaulted by knife and shit.

Ok. My friend was with an additional friend there in the alley.

I talked with one of them about his life-style. What he had done while he was active the last days. We communicated for a long time until his another friend suddenly.

passed over jumping on me..

hoping for a chanse to rip me off, to beat all me over, club into my face all with his hands!

yelling out at the same time: you looked evil on me you motherfucker!

e aimed to beat up my face.. while the other friend defended me. He took off his black coat and looked inside his pants for the sharpest knife.

and so, because of this, I walked rapidly away from them. running out of there.

Following on that, he spew down to the floor and yelled behind me while I was running: FUck you , you motherfucker I won't see you over here once more.!

And I walked away to the buss safely, made it home. but he took the buss too.

It was an Muslim - assassination attempt. And it might went wrong if I did not get away from there.

Seriusly, I handled it good but I feel me sick of this shit. ...

... it's like d3's story..

this quote from the quaran fits good here:

"So, wherever you find them, kill them, for there will be a reward for their killers on the Day of Resurrection."

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Glad your ok. :oops:

Yea, he was shorter then me like 5, 1 or less but I could beat he I would damage him but I didn't seriusly I'm not the person who likes beatin up for no reason.

It's ok now and im glad.

it was another beef..

he has been in jail before for beating other people..

he seems to be the one who wants fights.. all looks wrong to him

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Nexus you should burn all your 50 cent CD's and stuff. Street crime and gang culture is not cool. Maybe you learned this lesson from the incident.

Welcome to real life.

Tbh, agree'd. I just thought it wouldn't be appropriate to say a thing like that in this serious internet thread.

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