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Stage 2 STALKER MP beta coming...sign up here space limited

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THQ/GSC will be conducting stage 2 of the STALKER multiplayer beta "soon". It will be limited to under 10,000 total people worldwide (exact numbe TBD). I have some slots for "hardcore gamers in North America." If you want in, I can put you on the list but you have to respond soon.

If interested, please reply to this thread with:

First Name

Last Name

Company you work for if you work in the industry.

Email address

Street address

First come first serve. I don't know how many spots I can fill but if you don't get in this way, and you still want to join, there will be an opportunity to sign up with the general public. News about that will come later and be at all the major gaming news sites.

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so is this like some sort of playtest thing that we have to take part in or....?

it's like any other beta test. You play...you report bugs as you want. Twould be similar to the CS:source beta right now. Play it, have fun...use the in game reporting tool to report bugs and stuff. Many games have these types of multiplayer tests. Stage 3 will be the same except the code will be much closer to final and it will be open to everyone.

wut abut europe?

btw, we're getting some ukranian guy from the stalker team on our team next week :)~

i can take names from people who live outside North America and pass it on to our international product managers in the UK. No promise that will get you in, but I will pass it on. :)

who are you getting?

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I read about an upcoming closed stalker mp beta test and was about to ask if you (Izuno) could get us in :)

Anyway, here are my details:



Crytek (http://www.crytek.com) starting October 4th heh ;)

[email protected]

Street: Bielefelderstr. 110

City: 32130 Enger

Country: Germany

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