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How are you doing?


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I think it would be cool to hear more from you guys. I don't know much about you other than you can make maps, use max, photoshop and drink soda, right? How are you doing? Life's good? What's the situation with your life at the moment? Love, hate?

As for me...

I'm doing very well actually. I have a job (games distribution industry ftw!), awesome place to live, place to study, lovely girlfriend (over 2 years in store already ;)), great friends. I'm healthy. I like the way things are going now.

3rd year in school (3d-arts) kicked off last monday. Lots of good stuff in store there. Big project coming up too. I'll talk about it later this year, should be fun! :) With all this, I'm doing a alot freelance webdesign work too. Nice way to get some more money easily.

I'm going to Tunis next month with my girl. 1 week vacation. Anyone else visited there (Sousse, that's the city name)? Can't wait to see Africa :) Bazaars and great architecture. I'll bring my cam too.

I'll tell more about me if you're interested. Now tell everyone how are you doing! :)

I'd like to hear from you guys. Post here your feelings and maybe that will inspire others to join too and post more!

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skdr, it seems you't doing pretty well man, congrats, and I hope you keep up! :)

Well, I've been pretty good myself as well.

I finished high school last July, and I got my first Level Designer/3d modeler job this month, I'm loving it, and I can't imagine myself doing anything else, but this! It's a dream came true...

Finally, all those nights messing with game editors, 3dsmax, watching and reading tutorials, listening to my mom yelling at me at 3am: "for god sake, go to bed!!", all this is starting to actually pay of! :D

Portugal, as some of you probably know, has a mediocre economy, so life isn't exactly luxurious around here, but, at least for me, the thing that matters the most, is working in an area that you really love, and have enough money to spend a nice, peacefully and healthy life, withs lot's and lot's of games on your bedroom's shelves!! :P

I got a beautiful girlfriend, with over 2 years in store as well! And I have never been happier... :cool:

Cheers all! :mario:

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Lets seeee.... I just started my senior year of high school <3 Umm tonight I have my first football game of the season, last year we had an 11-1 record, and we are hoping of a repeat. I broke up a pretty long relationship with my girlfriend Lauren recently, but after playing the field for a while, I am currently "seeing" a girl named Emily, the only real problem is that she mite be too nice for me. Life has been great, been partying and having a lot of fun.

good thread~

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it's cool man.

Just got the new Reason REFILL and fruity loops DAWS and it's rollin hot in here. So, in the real time me and my bros.. making beats in da appergiators and looping samples in da mixers.

I'm into the university now. .. I'm not making any raps anymore because of the big work, not any maps too because I dont wanna.

It's pending but it's ballin' - one day downhill, other uphill.

doubtless, not long time ago people wrote about me in the newspaper.


good thread.

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Life is a up and down of feelings. Got accepted by Grin this week. made me pretty happy.

Yesterday i tried to safe a little bird that felt into a pond and was in panic. I grabbed it and then made it dry but it was too late. It had no power anymore and died :(

Today i had to reinstall my dads PC and it was a nightmare because i din't had the right drivers and nothing worked. Wasted the whole day with fixing this piece of crap.

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Going back for my final year of A-Levels coming Thursday and I'm not looking forward to it, I get sick of being there. Other than that I don't really do anything interesting other than modding and watching anime everyday. I don't ever go out unless it's for school or to the game store which I rarely ever do. I'm stuck in my room practically 24/7 otherwise, and I really need a job - preferably a twilight based one to still earn some cash daily (since I have school)

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i am currently busy with too many things. maybe this is a reason why i dont have a girlfriend. there were a couple of nice girls showing up in my life but somehow all turned out to be kind of bitchy. the last one pissed me off because i had this really DAMN hard exam at uni and after it passed i felt really bad because i didnt get the questions that dropped like 50% of the points. suddenly the next day i got a mail from the professor and he told me i got an A+ because i was the only student who actually tried to solve those excercises! i was super happy and told the girl. all she did was saying she hates people first saying "oh everything went wrong" and aftwards saying "yeah baby. A+" even they knew it would pass that way. in my case i didnt know and she was wrong. so it was the final sign to kick her off (after lots of different annoying situations).

as i told i am busy with lots of stuff: finishing a mapproject i have spending the last 16 month on, finishing my exams with good grades, fixing my car, working at home.

but life keeps good things up for me too! recently i was in piermont, italy, with my dad. usually i see him like 1 time in a month. so it was really nice to be around with him for a couple of days and go on an "adventure" of my families history. (short version: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waldensians) they were forced to leave italy and settled down near Karlsruhe. My grandmother still got the Italian family name.

this week Arkane studios knocked on my door with a job offer which i had again to reject. after starting at uni i got quite a few job offers from big companies with cool games. so i am looking forward to finish my bachelor degree in next spring and then maybe give the industry a shot to save some money. maybe i will go for a master degree instead. thats a decision i did not make yet.

on a range of 10 points i would judge my life with a 6 to 7. i am healthy and uni goes well. somehow it lacks certain nice things like a girlfriend and less annoying things. if the map project will be a success the life rating would get a 15 out of 10! the thing i am trying to achieve with it is like a dream. even a bigger dream than getting into game industry (which is fairly easy if you once made a nice level or what ever). it is like a personal goal i wanted to reach ever since i first started a game editor :)

A+ for this thread!

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This is like reading Livejournal.. heh.

Well I had another job not long ago in telesales but I only managed to last a week despite giving it my very all, they let me go due to 'not being productive enough for the company'.. lame. I wasn't getting enough sales I guess, it's a tough job though, you have to be a machine and be dedicated to making lots of money, whereas I really don't care so much about having lots of money. I'd of liked to have stayed there for at least a month or more to get some work experience, I didn't really like the job but it seemed to build up my confidence somewhat. Now I'm struggling (as per fucking usual) to get another job.. aghhh!

My self-esteem has taken quite a hit after being attacked at night some months ago, I kinda thought I'd be able to get over it easily but it seems to be getting to me a lot. I think maybe I need to talk to victim support or something because I can't carry on with this, always being paranoid of everyone in the dark when I walk home or take the bus...

The woman I love very much has left the country to goto the United Arab Emirates for a year to take a teaching job. I'm thrilled for her to have this opportunity and having heard from her recently it seems she's doing ok in her training, has to raise her voice a lot when teaching the older kids but it's making her more assertive which is one of the reasons she wanted to work abroad. I miss her a lot but it's early days yet so I guess I will find a way to cope with it. It's heart breaking that she couldn't return my feelings but alas she still had feelings for some other asshole who let her down all the time leaving me and others to pick up the pieces. I should really have let go awhile ago but feelings don't work like that do they? It's such a bitch. Hopefully whilst she's out there she can clear her head and come to a realisation about things and maybe, just maybe miss me a little more than she she thought. For now I'm trying to look elsewhere, I have a few friends who I think are nice but I don't really have any romantic feelings for them, I certainly don't want to force myself to move on anyway, that will only lead to misery.

My grandma had a stroke over a year ago, leaving her severely weakened, we all have to look after in any way we can, it's not so bad because she does get out and she's a lot better off than a lot of older women but she's not the same as she was and I have to keep putting up with 'I wish I was dead a lot..' which is really upsetting and makes it hard to keep my chin up in order to support her when and where she needs it.

On the plus side of things, I have so many great friends that keep me entertained and support me and I do the same for them and I'm always meeting cool new people all the time. Once I've got myself another job, in time I will try to move out of my parent's house and live with some people for a bit, maybe goto university but I'm not too sure about that at the moment. I'm thinking towards possibly going abroad for work in a couple of years time for awhile but I need to get settled here first and gain some local life experience before taking that step. In the meantime I'm applying for Free Radical when I've finally got all my portfolio material together, it's one of two local game dev companies I know of in Nottingham, England, the other being Monumental Games whom I applied for a couple of months ago and I never heard from them despite one of my friends being an employee there.. :/

Life is a bitch, but it could be a lot worse I suppose.

Ps: This is a serious thread, so none of that 'emo goth' bullshit please, keep that in EOT.

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Life is good.

In the middle of buying a house in Brighton UK with my missus of the last 12 years. Working a job with Sony which has great perks even if it's corporate as fook and gets on my tits from time to time for being so bloody arrogant and lacking in imagination.

My record collection continues to grow, I have some great buddies who are into the same kinda stupid shit that I am (games, drinking & smoking too much and generally being a stupid arse). I have a wicked cat who I fight with on a regular basis and constantly have scratches all over my hands and legs from (Bless!).

My family are all healthy and happy and TBH every time I ever start complaining about anything I tend to feel a bit guilty, since I probably have a better life than just about 99.99% of all people who have ever lived before me on Earth.

Put that in yer pipe and smoke it :D

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D3ads, regarding you being attacked:

Take some self-defence classes or take up a martial art. It'll do you wonders. A lot of the classes feature people like you and me (a bit nerdish, not really fighting types, wouldn't know what to do if attacked). Think about it: Are you more or less likely to take up a martial art if you're already confident about defending yourself? I've been going to a local instructor for approaching four years now (he teaches hand to hand combat to the special forces amongst other stuff) and I know I can handle myself these days because I know various things for every angle of attack etc. I'll never be a hard bastard or a great martial artist, but I now have a good understanding of what I can and cannot do and plenty of stuff in my locker for both recognising & dealing with various situations, including someone with a weapon.

Also, if you find the right class and instructor, it will also do wonders for your self-esteem, get you fighting fit and teach you a lot about life in general. Just make sure you find a good instructor; avoid the cowboys (one touch of death!111 I will throw you with my Ki power!) & sport-based martial arts. :)

If I can do it, it's almost guaranteed that you can, too. I've been trying to get my brother to take it up too as he was almost assaulted a few months back but he's wary of the effort involved. Once you're in and training it's grand, you just have to have the confidence to take that first step. Personally, it was something I always wanted to do but never got around to. Once I started, I was so glad that I actually took the first step. Definitely one of the best decisions I ever made.

The reason I think this is a good route is that you can overcome your fears through confidence in your own abilities. When I started uni prior to starting training, I used to wonder if I was going to get mugged when wandering through the overpass to the train station late at night (almost happened once when two dickheads started asking me for money then started following me while abusing me). Nowadays I'm still careful to avoid trouble, but I'm much less worried about anything happening.

If you're ever interested or want any advice on choosing an instructor etc. just shoot me a pm sometime.

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