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Gran Turismo 5


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Thats what annoys me about this. I mean the cars look fucking fantastic (Seriously, theres a couple of moments you could freeze frame it would actually be impossible to tell that its not a real photo).

However, graphics aside, the actual gameplay is just dull as a hell I think, and trust me, I've played a lot of GT. After playing Forza 2, complete with a pretty decent amount of body work destruction then you simply cant go back to GT's shiney bouncey cars and strange physics. They're sincerely fucked unless they change the feel of the game as far as I'm concerned. Even though Forza 2 doesn't look anywhere near as good as this (Hell, not even as good as PGR3), then it still feels a lot more complete and good than the stuff you get with GT, especially if that GT HD on the PS Store is any indicator. Beautiful cars, horrid looking levels, dull as hell gameplay.

I'll probably get it tho, gotta grab them PS3 exclusive while you can :)

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Looks lovely. The cars & shaders etc. are top-notch. I wonder if their graphics programmers will do an article for the GPU gems / ShaderX series 'cause I'd love to read it.

I did notice a few low detail parts of the environment, though. Check out the grassy areas at track side -- it just looks like flat polygons with a repeating green texture! I suppose you won't notice that when you're actually playing, but it did look a bit weird when the rest of the world is sumptuous.

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