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The Metroid Prime 3 Thread


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Just picked it up, didn't want to delve too deep into yet (still gotta finish Bioshock) but the first area alone is convincing enough for me. The controls are pretty much as good as everyones been saying and probably the best FPS controls on a console to date. Maybe even equally as good as a mouse keyboard but than again I've always enjoyed using a controller for shooters. :-D At the very least it feels just as natural.

Not too much else I've done yet, just the usual scanning the shit out of everything and jumping around. Also, somehow they've made activating switches in this game fun as hell. I laughed out loud the first time I pulled one :shock:

So, anyone else pick it up?

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I donno, I have a strong feeling that this (like all other Wii games for me) will have me playing for about 2 hours, then take a break and never come back to it.

I did love Metroid Prime 1 tho, never tried the 2nd, so I guess it has better chance of actually being worth a fuck. There's just so many other games coming out now, it really has to be good to be a contender :G

EDIT: Oh and Super Paper Mario is finally coming out here soon anyway, think I'd much rather be playing that

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