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That other BioShock thread


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Thought it might be more practical with a thread that doesn't focus on technical issues (pffft PC) ;)

Just finished it. Brilliant game, but for me it somewhat lost some of its momentum just before the end (wont spoil anything, but game design wise I think they really made a huge mistake in the bit just before the end).

Also both endings are pretty high on "wtf".

The plot twist is pretty fucking amazing tho, best I've seen in a game yet (Better than KOTOR!). Gave me goosebumps, awesome! :D

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Depends whether you're going to explore everything you come across to the tiniest detail. I did that for the most part, and it only too me about 22-25 hours. Also at one point I actually went back to replay an area for about 1 hour, so its kinda hard to say. But you can probably speed through it in about 15 hours, but wheres the fun in that? :)

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