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Medal of Honor: Airborne Demo


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Its pretty good game. They are genius for designing the fluent movement when aiming with ironsites.

I used to be a huge MOH fan back in the day.

So heres my good bad review :)

The good:

- Guns feel good, powerful

- Free Fluent moment while aiming is amazing

- Visuals are actually nice

- The level did not feel linear.

- when parachuting you are able to land anywhere.

- Your AI Team works together but does not rely on you to guide them, rather they rely on their own mission which is pretty bad ass.

- Weapon Bunting feels powerful

- Enemy AI can flank you from behind at times it seemed. It actually felt like I had to watch my back in this game.

- Team AI will watch behind your team, either by grabbing a mg, that your team just took over or guarding in general. It was pretty sweet.

The Bad:

- AI Enemy at times just sits there

- Player Physics can be pretty bad(I seen a an enemy get shot and fly ontop of a roof, heh)

- Controls are harder to get used to then say COD games

- Grenades are not throwable by pressing one button

- No Prone

- Item Pick ups make weird sounds, like a quake game which takes you away from the realistic gameplay they have created.

- When shooting an enemy, a red marker appears within your reticule, which in my opinion, takes you away from the realism.

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I just ran around screaming "I'M BOYD TRAVERS, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!" a lot. It was fun for a lark, though. I can see how they're getting away with the sandbox gameplay, because the sandbox is pretty small, and you just get a starter objective based upon where you land (can't fault them, it's a solid design solution).

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So far the most awesome was that I downloaded a 1,3gig zip that took 10 minutes to unpack with another self extracting archive, to take another 10 minutes just to contain setup files. And all this packing saved few mb's :roll:

Will try to test it out when it installs :|:fist:

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Tested it yesterday, fun game but AI's stupid, germs are respawning too much and I think that whole this UE3 thing doesn't really look better than DODs here. I Like Parachuting, movement bouncing and ironsight leaning tho.

I was definitely really let down by the lighting, for UE3 it didn't really seem like it.

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