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triggering the ending a round


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first off, this is my first post here, but i'm not a complete noob. been mapping source for 6 months or so now, but i mapped for Q3 for a few years before that and found the transition really easy.

i'm making a map for zombie master (http://www.zombiemaster.org) and i need to know if there is an entity, or a combination of them to trigger a round restart when the number of players has reached one.

if you dont know what ZM is, think of it in terms of counterstrike. say there's only one terrorist and one CT left in the map. this would trigger a round end.

the way it is in ZM, is that there is a human team and then a ZM, one player who controls all zombie NPCs. the problem i have is that to complete the mission, you need two people to do a two person retinal scan, so i'd like the round to automatically restart if the player number gets down to one.

i do know a very hard way to do this though... with the ZM FGD there is an entity that can trigger an event if a certain percentage of the players are within it's area. so what i COULD do is make a million of the same 64x64 trigger brushes(small enough to where only one player could fit inside it) that each tell the round to end if 100% of the players in the game are in one of them. meaning if the last player (being 100% of the alive players) would trigger one of these to cause the humans to lose that round.

just wondering if there's a simple way. im sure there is, i just cant seem to find anything that sounds like it in the SDK docs.

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I don't think he's asking for ZM specific entities, he means general Source ones to solve his problem.

I've not come accross an easy way to count the number of alive players.

In HL1 you could count spawns, deaths and quits using a counter entity (can't remember what it's called) and use the keywords game_player_spawn, game_player_death etc. to trigger the counters.

So if you could count spawns and count quits, deaths etc, then do some maths.

#alive = #spawns - #deaths - #quits

Dunno if that helps at all, not sure if Source is capable of any of this, (the counting or the maths).

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yeah, i was more asking if source comes with an entity that would do this, because they only thing ZM does is add a couple mod-specific ones that i've already ruled out as not helpful.


would # of quits also count as when someone joins the map, but quits while spectating before even playing, though?

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