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[HL2:DM] dm_crossfire


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Took a stroll through this map .. well, that was easier said than done. I don't know what you've done, but this map trashes my performance like no other. Staggering through the map at low framerate at any given place made me wonder if there's something wrong with my drivers or graphics-card. So I loaded my old trusty dusty Bounce map and to my discovery it's no problem there. Map-specific problem I thought, but then I turned off HDR... ok, playing this map, and you have HDR enabled, is not recommended if you want to have a playable experience in the heat of battle!

Right, so I put "mat_wireframe 3" on , and suddenly I see what's really going on behind the scenes. Poor optimisation! Take a few moments and read up on HINTs and the great new addition to Source: AREAPORTALS! The new OCCLUDER might be of interest too.

Some wireframe pictures to show what I mean :




If there were HINT brushes and AREAPORTALS in between, you would probably have around just half of the stuff rendered.

"Mat_luxels 1" is also a fine debug command, since it draws the lightmap density grid on every brush and displacement. And from this angle with ze budget on :


And last of all, it's no fun when you can throw props outside map or into unreachable places :


Please close off the roofs with CLIP-brushes. You don't want players who are dolts to throw away all the props you can use as a weapon :


That's all for now.

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