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Halo 3


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Alright, this thread is for discussion about Halo 3. Please keep both the fanboy-ism as well as flaming on a low.

It is almost end of august and the release is still slated for end of september. That leaves roughly a month to produce about three gazillion units, yet there is no gold announcement yet.

Also where is the singleplayer media blitz? All I see or hear about the game is multiplayer related. Sure there was the SP trailer at E3 this year, but what about more gameplay footage? I just saw 25 seconds of a shaky cam video, captured at a GC behind closed doors event, but that's pretty much it.

There must be more to see of the game at GC or (please post if you come across any)? Also - no nomination at GC? Ouch.

Sure, we've seen examples of Halo 3 ads on the Burger King cups, but where is the game?

Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places, the gold announcement is imminent and chances are low that they will delay it at this point, but for now I need to ask: what's going on Bungie/Microsoft? :???:

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i never understood the deal with halo it is/was always a below average looking/playing first person shooter the only original thing about it is the actual ring shape of the planet ... which is barely the focus of attention since halo 2

i believe bungie will stay true to their roots and make halo3 as generic and boring as its prequels...

just to clear things up a bit i beat both halo 1 and 2 in single player and have played many hours of multiplayer on both as well

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i never understood the deal with halo it is/was always a below average looking/playing first person shooter the only original thing about it is the actual ring shape of the planet ...

The two weapon limitation and the shield-health system forcing you to rest (which nearly every game uses now), the vehicle physics, the AI was crafty and self preserving, the environments were large with lots of different ways to tackle encounters. And for a game that came out in 2001 I think that's quite a bit. It just threw out a lot of the old cliched mechanics that shooters had become so accustomed to at the time.

As for Halo 3, I never really thought about the Gold announcement, it is about time for one of those isn't it :(

There's been plenty of screenshots though and the beta seemed to go over pretty well from what I recall, so I'm not too worried. I just hope the SP gets the care it needs after Halo 2's iffy-ness in areas.

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are you kidding me? halo's story is cheap, there is nothing to it really. i could have made a better story. i think the splinter cell games on the other hand show how a game with a more brilliant story work while lacking in missions/levels. i feel there is no suspense in halo's story, there is nothing hindering this master chief guy - it's just, "yeah i am going through this to fight this race who are bent on doing evil and then we accidentally release this hunger thing... oops."

it almost feels like there are no consequences to whatever the protagonist does.

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Well, I personally don't find FPS's that exciting. I found the original Halo good, but it got overly hyped because the xbox was lacking any distinctive titles. The second was a (seemingly hastily made) corridor maze instead of the iconic outside 'ringworld' environments of the first.

From what I can see the 3rd brings no innovation and is the same stuff at a high resolution. I'm not that excited to be honest, especially since the FPS genre is so amazingly bland right now and everyone is releasing futuristic shooters filled with power armoured marines. Even Turok...

Edit: Try that again.

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I agree. Even GTA doesn't have things this well kept away from the media. Haven't seen any singleplayer movies apart from the trailers, which I also find kinda mysterious just a month before release.

Maybe its got something to do with some super secret stuff in it, kinda like how the tanker was just the first 1-2 hours of MGS2.

Oh and again (stating the obvious), the Halo games are without a doubt the most overhyped games of all time. That doesn't mean I dont enjoy them, but getting 1 mil preorders? wtf!?

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GTA has been delayed for a while now Mazy :)

I was refering to the previous GTA games (more precisely Vice City and San Andreas). With GTA4 they do seem a bit more open about the project, which I'm sure is bound in TakeTwo's internal problems and trigger happy investors that wanna see results.

So there! ;)

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i think people like the simplicity of it.

Its harder for me to get 4 buddies from real life and play some dod or something you know :P

but when halo 1 came out, it was just a game to get drunk and play on. Was simple fun.

although i didnt like halo 2 that much because they took some of my favorite things out ;o

but yeah its not that halo is a better fps than others its the fact that its simple and easy to play with some friends.

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