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The Wii pass 360 in sales


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I don't agree with Mazy thinking it's a sad thing, altho I can clearly feel that I too was lured into the hype (I regret the bruised knee i got when crawling into a store on the release day, but I dont regret getting the wii (wich i got at a later time btw))

Were are all the good games Nintendo?

Were are all the promised goods? (I even get more goods from my mailbox in Animal Crossing then from my Wii)

What happend to the low game price that was promised (A wii game cost as much as a 360 game in Sweden)

Whats with the region lock? (I want to buy cheap games in US, or even unreleased ones)

What about a demo channel? (sure, weather and news channel are all nice, but demo channel is something GAMERS want)

Congratiolations to the high sales, but it's time to deliver something more to gamers.

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I'd still like to get a Wii even if it only has just the appealing 1st party stuff like zelda, smash bros, mario galaxy, paper mario, i think 2nd party metroid.. and others like no more heroes when that comes out... once all those games are out you can have a pretty good time with it...

I'm not really crazy for all the cutesy nintendo stuff and gimmicky third party games . . . but the ones that will be good will be great.

it's no surprise really its outsellin both of the others.. nintendo has a knack to appeal to everyone when it wants to... 360 is a good system too with a good list of traditionally good games.. so it's doin well with the old playbook. sony is... floatin out there idk.

*and those would be good additions to the wii mrh2o

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I saw on Gamasutra yesterday that analysts predict the PS3 sales are going to pass the X360 ones with the announced price drop...

I can't see that happening for a while, the Wii/360 are on what around 10-12m depending on who you look at. The PS3 is between 3-4m so say that nobody bought a 360/Wii in the next year at all and the PS3 sold twice as quickly as it has so far, it'd still be like 2008/9 before they overtook.

Edit: Metroid 3 soon :-D

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What makes you think VGChartz isn't reliable? The fact you've personally never come across them before, and have no idea how legitimate they are? Or do you have some kind of evidence to support them being inaccurate?

If anything, them not being affiliated with the companies themselves is more likely to ensure their accuracy, as the companies typically factor the shipping number into their general sales count (ie: units sold to shops).

If you go after NPD figures (as official as you're going to get) you'll find they do support the Wii overtake. Magazines have been consequently saying for months it's imminent.

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I saw on Gamasutra yesterday that analysts predict the PS3 sales are going to pass the X360 ones with the announced price drop...

They meant only within the monthly sales - Sony needs to lead the 360 for a lot of months before they catch up. And that'd only be for this month - I don't see it being very likely the PS3 will outsell the 360 next month. :P

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I haven't played Wii since January... so far the software is shit and I don't care anymore. Someday I want to d/l Ocarina of Time via VC but again I don't care about the rest anymore. :<

I guess I would have used a Xbox360 more... not particulary because of killer apps but because the majority of the xbox games is more appealing to me.

Still gj for Nintendo of course.

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i still own a wii, and i still play on it very much :)

and i just downloaded Supermario 64.. which is great because i never had a nintende 64..

and its just allot of fun when your with a group of ppl :) really great.

Yeah, I went through a lull of not playing on my Wii for about 3 months when Uni crunch time kicked in. However over Summer I've played it a lot, finally finished Zelda, did some more Wario stuff and downloaded a few new VC console games such as Lylat Wars, F Zero X and Sonic 2. They should keep me entertained till Metroid 3 hits around October...then Mario in November...

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