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No more excuses to use cracked 3D apps.

It's basicly like MAYA PLE, but without the viewport watermaks.

Export meshs up to 64.000 tris.

No MR, only for baking textures at maximum 512*512, which I think is pretty acceptable.

Also, the Video tut's are awesome, Softimage real gave the games industry, and modding communities a kick ass offer this time!


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.. it all does the same shit

I totaly agree!

And what's with the 3dsmax fanboy attitude guys?

Gimme a break and stop being close minded, I myself used, (and still use) 3dsmax for 4/5 years now, and I give other apps a chance, especialy free ones.

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well it's more for the people that don't want to use wared apps - I can understand the reasoning.

I think it's also good to just go over to another app and see how they do things. It's helps not to be closed minded about this kind of thing, everytime you learn something new and different you are only bettering yourself and improving, if not your skills, then at least your ability to learn something new :)

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yeah, when I was using XSI the hotkeys were invaluable - I got really used to them and moving over to max was a bit of a challenge; but after a few weeks you find it becomes second nature.

Personally I wouldn't use a mod tool because they will cut back features, and you'll probably only find out what it is they cut once you come to really needing it - which was the case with me. Still, maybe it is useful for some people :'(

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