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Playstation home beta


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Anyone else who have checked out the Playstation Home beta? I just tried it and I must say that I am impressed. It looks great and everything seems to be working smoothly. You got your own private room, a lounge area, a game area and a theater.

Last thing first, the video streaming is high quality and works really well. In the game area there are various arcade consoles featuring reworks of old arcade games. Some of the controls in these games seemed an a bit odd, but in particular Evac was an a lot of fun.

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I was genuinely interested in the program after its first public demonstration, but having watched a bunch of footage, my early excitement is clouded by the question as to what there is actually to do. Or rather - what is there to do that you cannot do in real life?

You run around with your virtual avatar, that you can dress, in your virtual appartment/house, which you can decorate virtually, where you can have virtual BBQs with other people's virtual characters and watch movie trailers on a virtual TV or in a virtual theater.

It just makes me worried that the concept of the matrix might become true one day and Sony makes us all to their batteries.. :(

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I've never really thought much of it in terms of usefulness. I can definitely appreciate how Sony is at least trying to do something slightly new, but it just doesn't seem like it'll have that much usefulness beyond its initial gimmick value.

But I guess I should wait until I can get it at home (roflmao) and have some time with it, I've only seen some people using it inhere for about 5 minutes. It'll probably be kinda fun to check out what people do with their personal space, but my feeling is that its something that'll be kinda neat for the first few days after launch and then you'll likely forget everything about it.

Anyway, interesting, but I'll still stick with the way the 360 is setup (plain and simple :D).

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