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3DSmax and dual screen


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To say it frankly, i'm not sure if i'll be able to get me understood, but let's try anyway.

I've just installed a dual screen with an old CRT monitor i found, so let's put this in situation : I'm texturing a model in 3dsmax 7, so i got photoshop on one screen and 3dsmax7 on the other, well what i wanted to do is when i save my texture in photoshop the texture render in 3dsmax changes PRONTO into the one i've just saved.

Well it kinda works right now, i but i have to activate the 3dsmax7 window by clicking on it to make the new texture appear.

Is there any other way to do that more directly ? Like i paint my texture in photoshop and i see the changes directly in 3dsmax ? :D

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