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The new version of paint


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That's right, it's an interview of the Microsoft team that is working on the new version of paint, as a fervent user of paint for pixelart and realistic drawing, I'm really eager to get my hands on that version, they added some really cool features like the eraser tool or even the saving file option, well really cool stuff.

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It's really interseting how back when Paint was introduced it was actually genuinely quite a significant step, and yet because it's been virtually unchanged since then (even in Vista) it's like some kind of relic, almost standing for the total opposite of progression.

I mean, if the Paint in Vista was as much of a step forward as the original Paint was, it'd be more like Paint.NET (which is excellent for a free package). Not hard to see why the default Windows software is kind of mocked when it's pretty much not changed in about a decade. :oops:

Kind of going off on a tangent here, though. Funny video humour. :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:

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