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Portfolio/Website of Character Models


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I just got my website up in the hopes of finding a job as an artist in games. I tried to keep the layout simple and not have too many navigation links, but really I am not too concerned with the web design- it is the content that counts! All of this was created for the mod

Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II, so all of this may be familiar to some of you :P. I also did all of the animations for that game, but have not put them up as I believe my strength lies more with modeling and character.


Some highlights-







Any comments would be welcome!

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Ah yes, me and silly dual monitors. The images are large, but I really wanted them to be clear, and show off my texturing skills. I actually found a good javascript viewer that enlarges the images on a mouseclick and resizes the image to fit the window.

someone give him a job --- NOW :o

yes - good looking stuff. Maybe you can play around with the imagesize the fullres pictures have (they didn't fit into my screen :cry: )

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