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flash game i made last year...

Vinny Testaverde

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So i suppose it has something to do with game design.

It was a project I did for school


It is unfinished, the second level puzzle is not too good, there are some issues with the word puzzle and a couple of other things that need tweaking...

The reason why I am posting this now is because I am writing a research journal article about it for a student project publication with my school. So I figured your reactions are useful. Also since I suppose I have to finish it, i could use some "beta testing". heheh :wink:

Thank you for your time

:):):):) :wink:

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I actually played through this a while ago when I was taking a wee browse of your website, and I rather enjoyed it. It managed to grip me enough that I finished it, which is a good sign, even if it isn't exactly lengthy :) Obviously it is one of those games that relies on trial and error, but the inability to fail and have to start again means there isn't really any frustration involved, you just experiment with everything clickable. For that reason there isn't really any satisfaction in completing it - something some similar but far more difficult games DO manage - but then watching the results unfold and the animation is probably payoff enough. Good job :)

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