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Singleplayer 3rd-person Stealth/RPG mod recruiting

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Project Name: Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank

Team Name: Lucid Thought Productions

Webpage: http://www.lucidthoughts.net/dreamscape

Trailer: dailymotion | youtube

Contact: igor.todorovski@gmail.com or create a thread in the Join the Team forum

Requirements: Half-Life 2 and Steam

Join the team

Graphics Artist (1 vacancy)

  • [*:3vi502lp] We are looking for a Graphics Artist who will work with me to create a new look for our GUIs and HUDs.
    [*:3vi502lp] Photoshop or a similar image editing tool is required. 2+ years experience with an image editing tool is recommended.
    [*:3vi502lp] You will be required to send us an example of your work if you want to be considered.

Level Designer (2 vacancies)

  • [*:3vi502lp] You will help our team by starting a new map or by finishing an incomplete map.
    [*:3vi502lp] Experience in optimizing maps is an asset.
    [*:3vi502lp] You will be required to send us an example of your work if you want to be considered.

Level Optimizer (1 vacancy)

  • [*:3vi502lp] Experience in optimizing HL2 maps is necessary. You will use this experience to speed up some of our completed maps.
    [*:3vi502lp] You will be required to send us an example of your work if you want to be considered.


Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank makes use of Half-Life 2's Source engine. The Source engine is continually updated, which makes this project ever-evolving. The project has customized almost every aspect in Half-Life 2, with a brand new gui, a new camera, a new style of gameplay, and more.

Background info

Dreamscape is a 3rd-person single-player game. Dreamscape also has many RPG elements such as a fully-featured dialogue system, a buy and sell menu, a customize a player feature and more.

The game takes place in the mind of Virgil Coltreese, a lawyer in the city of Chicago.

Prior to the events of the Dreamscape mod, Virgil's brother, Romero, was murdered by a group of mobsters known as the Carollas. The Carollas were seeking revenge on Virgil, but had mistaken Romero for Virgil on the night of the murder.

The murder of Romero caused such shock in Virgil that he began having many nightmares and visions of the future. Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank takes place in one of these visions. Whether they represent reality or not is something you will find out as you play the game.

Team Structure

                           Canuck            LedKardova

                         Team Leader ----- Founder/Designer


        /             |           |             |             |           \

        |             |           |             |             |           |

        |             |           |             |             |           |

     Canuck           |          moH         Splitta        Anselm    Basstronix

Technical Director    |        Modeler        Writer        Mapper     Composer

        |             |           |                           |    

      Visor           |        Vacancy                     Splitta

  Lead Programmer     |        Modeler                      Mapper

        |             |           |                           |

       sdw            |        Vacancy                      Fritz

    Programmer        |        Animator                     Mapper

                   Vacancy                                    |

                Graphics Artist                        InvestmentBanking

                      |                                     Mapper

                   Vacancy                                    |

                Texture Artist                              Visor














A few more vacancies are listed in the above tree. Progress

Programming:   70%

Models:        35%

Levels:        60%

Sound:         50%

Gameplay:      40%


Overall:       60%


  • [*:3vi502lp] Completely 3rd-person with adjustable zoom.
    [*:3vi502lp] 10 engaging and fully interactive levels, each with primary and secondary objectives.
    [*:3vi502lp] An interactive easy to edit XML-based Dialogue System.
    [*:3vi502lp] Maintain healthy sanity levels, or have your vision affected.
    [*:3vi502lp] Pin Point system, location-specific damage, which affects your accuracy, running speed, etc. All of which is curable by using the various items in the game.
    [*:3vi502lp] Slomo action at the cost of sanity.
    [*:3vi502lp] Various graphical additions, such as Relief Mapping and HDR.
    [*:3vi502lp] Various stealth kills, which reward you by increasing your sanity.
    [*:3vi502lp] Buy and Sell items with other friendly/neutral NPCs.
    [*:3vi502lp] Change your character's look, via the customize a player screen.
    [*:3vi502lp] A patcher/loader that makes it easy to get new updates and test out the game.
    [*:3vi502lp] Several new weapons, including a flamethrower, incendiary grenade, and rocket launcher.
    [*:3vi502lp] Stealth gameplay: Dragging dead bodies, Hiding inside objects, and faking death.






If more information is required, please let me know. Again, if you would like to join our team, contact me at igor.todorovski@gmail.com or create a thread in the Join the Team forum in our website.



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Unparalelles realism

You have a very nice trailer there, very nice site, very nice looking mod going there.. The maps looked a little meh, but I guess thats alright too..

I liked how you are not trying to create the ultimate fps, and not the basic single player, but something more story driven.. Very nice!

I noticed your team structure.. I gather this LedKardova guy is the one who wrote the dialogue and story, but what excactly is your role on the team Canuck? (besides looking for more members and posting news on the webpage).

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Hey Skjalg. Thanks for the reply.

I'm actually the Technical Director. This means I program the features in Dreamscape and also deal with the technical aspects of modeling, mapping, etc. I'm also the Team Lead.

Also, I agree that we do not have the best maps, but I hope that we can get some talented mappers who can help us out in that regard.

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