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It was pretty damn awesome, it wasn't really transformers though, Megatron looked so stupid, like some kind of monster and why did they have to fuck with Optimus Prime's look? They used the wrong truck as well!

I'd definately watch it again though and the chick was fucking smoking :cool:

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Megatron looked so stupid

I always got annoyed by Megatron in the cartoons and first film, fuck off huge robot that transforms into a....tiny pistol. At least when he got turned into Galvatron he was marginally better.

The new film he is hardcore. Always hated Primes energy sword thing, seemed like a cop out.

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Just saw it, well that was cool, explosions.. robots .. But am i the only one to have seen just a typical hollywood action movie ? I mean the stereotyped characters featuring :

- "The marine who have his just born baby back home"

- "The geek who will become the hero that will save the world and finally hang out with the super hot girl"

- "The superficial hot girl who is the hero fantasm, although she's not that superficial because she knows a whole lot about mechanic, thanks to her father who was stealing cars to teach her !! (what a pain)"

- "the super hot blonde chick that knows a lot about fourrier transformations to decode the alien signals"

The gouvernement bigot who catch a transformer of optimusprime team, the geek fat black guy, the annoying parents of the hero.. and so on

It was so stereotyped that i could predict almost every stunt of the scenario, but yeah.. explosions and robots !!!

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Oh and yeah, i've almost forgot. The little girl with her pink plush poney that goes all "Are you the toothfeary ?" to optimus prime who just crashed in her backyard...

HAHAHAHhahah hahahAHAAHAA AHA HA ha h h h h, i swear i felt like playing a call of duty, but instead i was watching a movie

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