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splinter cell conviction


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I like the gameplay - it's been pretty samey for most of the series but you're talking about a)ubisoft and b) massive corporation wanting to make money from a series and keep the fans happy.

I played through Chaos Theory last week and it's a great game, lots of nice features but the cutscenes were weak as shit.

With Double Agent they improved that aspect and developed the story, with this new one they look to have gone balls out and make the game much more than it was in its first outing.

I think they have a great series that is really strong, and the fans are wanting something more than just "12 new moves" by now, and ubisoft look like they're giving it to them in massive amounts.

Frankly I will be buying this game based on the trailers alone. I bought DA on the box, so ya know whatever - whine all you want, ubisoft have my money again.

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From what I've seen this game is quite a departure from the play in the previous games e-freak, and of course the environmental interaction and action has been expanded upon significantly.

It certainly looks like it's evolved enough to be considered something fresh without turning away the very loyal fan base that's developed over the years. I do slightly question whether or not you've actually bothered looking into Conviction much. :cool:

If you've never liked Splinter Cell much then sure, fair enough. But you can't expect the series to change into something completely different just because it's not for you. I'm sure most people who enjoy stealth and Splinter Cell games will very much like Conviction.

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yeah raiden was a smash hit in metal gear...

new characters are fine and all but splinter cell might as well be called fisher cell; and I'm fine with that. I share the opinion that many of the SC missions/levels are simply the same sort of shit as the earlier missions. However chaos theory and double agent went away from that and developed the story and the character of sam fisher more and more.

if you played DA all the way through you'd understand that conviction is a continuation and development of fisher as a character, rather than a dragging on of splinter cell as a game/series.

i (and i imagine thousands of other gamers) was very interested to see what ubisoft would do with the series after DA, which made some big steps in the story and world of sam fisher, and by the looks of it they've taken it in exactly the direction i had hoped.

you don't like SC, you're missing out because ubi have done some great things with the series, and i only hope they don't decide to kill it off; changing a lead character is ok, ish, changing the entire gameplay is making a whole new game - so why bother calling it splinter cell? in fact i don't really know where you are trying to go with your arguement, sounds like you just don't like SC and are pulling shit out your ass Rick_D-fashion in order to justify it :x


e-freak can suck my balls :(

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Imagine Sam Fisher would have died in SC2 or 3 and they could have made up a new cool story in Double Agent with some kickass guy who is not "mr. save-america" and give him new aspects. sure it would not sell just upon the name but if it is as kick ass game it would sell without stretching series...

That's like saying they should kill off Jack Bauer and have Mike Doyle be the lead in next season of 24. We didn't start to see the human side of Fisher until Chaos theory. There is so much more of the Sam Fisher character to explore.

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