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I have to buy me some more (and new really) RAM. I have worked with computers and such so i never feared to go online to check up some prices and stuff. Boy was i suprised. My manual says my motherboard supports 3 184-pin DDR DIMMs, 128 bit memories. What i found though was DDR sure but also DDR2, can i use DDR2? Whats the difference? Every memory is called either SO-DIMM or Micro-DIMM what is this? My manual says DIMM nothing else. Also i found out (in another way) that my memory is 167mhz. Now my manual says nothing about mhz. I guess i could use faster but how much faster? How should i know? If you know any or all answers to this i would be greatfull. Thx in advance.

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You can not use DDR2 in your current keyboard, no. The three main differences from DDR to DDR2 are:

- Allows for bandwidth

- Runs at a lower voltage

- Uses more pins

Get some PC2-5300 or above and you should be fine. Sometimes the price differences are minimal while they are fairly large at other times.

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