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Xbox 360 price drops announced...


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it's going to be an interesting holiday season for the big 3, but how much is Sony sweating right now? Tho they knew this was coming so in the end it's gonna be all about the games, as it should.

on the plus side for Sony, Blu-Ray is owning HDDVD in the niche market of high def dvd sales...

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wasn't microsoft going to release a blu-ray player aswell for xbox 360?

I heard that too at one point but i forget the latest on that front.

Meanwhile there is the obvious reaction from analysts about what Sony's response will be. The main point I took away in the article below is that if Sony doesn't drop the price of the PS3 for holiday 2007, then the only available PS3 will probably be the 80G model that retails for $599. Hope they have some killer content by then... :roll:


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Saw the price drop e-mails last week at GameStop, I wasn't terribly surprised. This after MS drops the HD-DVD player price and offers 5 HD-DVDs, it'll be an interesting format battle. My money is still on HD-DVD because of the porn factor. Just like beta and VHS, it'll eventually happen. Sure Blu-ray is a better format, but Sony is greedy and it'll get the better of them again.

360 does have the better set of titles this year, I won't be buying a PS3 any time soon.

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I guess it 120 gb harddrive, 1080p capibility. Other than that nothing, heh

My regular year old premium version does 1080p its not just the Elite. It was in an update about 6 or more months ago. They've hacked the frame buffer to bits to get it to work though I'm told.

Apparently the latest versions of the 360 Premium being shipped now have HDMI outputs on them.

/Wonders what the Elite actually has going for it now

If true, LOL.

Already in stores in the US apparently:


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