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Getting bot to work :(


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Why hello thar!

Two things first:

1. If this is in the wrong boardsection: sorry. I didn't know where to put this else.

2. This might be a n00bzorz question. please don't kill me.


Damn bots! I try to get them to work with a map I made for CS:S but they just won't work properly. This is the deal:

When I try to add a bot, I can only add ONE to the team I'm in: the T's. I can also only join the T's when I start a server, no matter what I flag in the 'create server menu'. I've used every possible command to get bots working with my map, but I still get some error saying it's impossible to add more bots because the maximum limit has allready been reached or that the team is full. I get this with other (official maps) maps too and I sure have enough player_t and player_ct's placed. :?

I need answers. :(



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