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Estamira - the most wicked documentary I have ever seen


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I saw the most wicked documentary I have ever seen last weekend: Estamira

Estamira used to be a regular Brazilian middle-class housewife. She went into a lot of shit during her life (which I’m going into now), making her completely mad at the world. She eventually develops an schizophrenic behavior to scape reality and ends up living in a huge landfill in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Her everyday tasks includes dealing with all sorts of waste, low-lives, rapists, corpses etc… But there’s also a lot of humanity in the wasteland, as you can notice throughout the movie.

The cool thing about this movie is that, even though Estamira is incomprehensible most of the time, she can be very lucid as well. She has her own slangs and always has an interesting theory on everything. Most of the time you find yourself agreeing with her crazy statements about society and the world.

She has given up on God and religion completely and believes she is a superior astral entity. She’s often saying stuff like “I’m better than Jesus and I’m very proud of it”. There’s an interesting moment in the movie in which her grandson asks her why she doesn’t believe in God and the naive question leads to an argument which ends with Estamira asking the boy if “he has God stuck up his ass”.

The documentary has a disturbing post apocalyptic atmosphere, with black and white sequences, good camera positioning and the genius Estamira’s statements about the wicked world we live in.

Anyways, I highly recommend this movie. It’s funny (if you like dark humour), scary and disturbing. I’ll leave you with some brilliant quotes from Estamira:

“Your lucidity won’t let you see the truth”

“I’m lucid, aware and concious… sentimentaly”

“There is the eternal, the infinite, there is beyond and there is ‘beyond of the beyond’. You have never seen ‘beyond of the beyond’. No scientist has ever seen ‘beyond of the beyond’.”

“You Know what? Man, after he becomes visible, after he is born, after he disincarnates, if his flesh touches the earth it dissoIves, melts; onIy bones remain, the rays, the hairs. The form remains the same, only transparent, near us. My father is near me, my mother, my friends. See? I can see them. We become transparent and fly away. Just Iike a bird, we fly. I see them often. They visit my house a lot.”

“My mission, besides being Estamira, is to reveal the truth, nothing but the truth.”

“You do not Iearn at school, you copy. You learn with occurrences. My two-year old grandson already knows this. He is two, and has not yet gone to schooI to copy hypocrisies… and charlatan lies. Are you listening?”

“What jesus is this, who only speaks of war and who Knows what else?! Isn’t he himseIf the Punster?”

“Has anyone who ever feIt afraid of saying the truth avoid dying? Have they?

Has anyone who spent day and night, night and day with God in their mouths, mocking him, did they avoid dying?

They who did as they were told by the ones from his gang, have they avoided dying? Have they avoided starving? Have they avoided impoverishment?”

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