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A home project that's personal to me...


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Hey everyone,

I've started my next home project and its one that I will probably hold to myself a lot closer than the others. Growing up I was a huge fan of action-adventure games, primarily of the LucasArt's sort. One of my all time favourite games, is Full Throttle.

I thought it'd be fun to picture Ben (main character) and where he is now, some 14 years after the story/adventure took place.

My back story for this piece is that Ben left the Polecats a long time ago and is now a washed-up biker who hardly rides any more. He prefers to keep to himself, spying on the wide world from the confines of his secluded residence, somewhere off Highway 9.

Those who were fans of the game, much like I am, should see a lot of subtle 'nods' to the game in this piece when I'm finished.

My references come from here, and here.

The WIP shot:


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Here's a couple more for you guys. This is all I can do until about the 8th when I am back from vacation.

I'll let those who're fans of the original game point out the couple of items from it that I've thrown in to this piece. I'm planning on including a few obvious elements from the original title in this piece, but this is all I managed to throw in there.

And thanks for the kind words everyone. I'm glad there's a fan base out there for this game. As I said its one of my all time favourites so I really want to push for story telling in this piece. I hope you guys enjoy it!



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So many people are on Vacations or at Quakecon. Its pretty quiet at the studio this week.

Very nice details Bromo. Looks like this will be quite the piece when you are through.

In the first image, scene wise, which I'm sure its not final, but the stuff seems a bit cluttered toward the hatch on the side of the trailer. Maybe move the bike and stuff over a bit.

- bunt

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hey adam, just a pointer for the story in your previous posts - if you put it in first person instead of third person it'll sound much more involving, and putting more emphasis on ben as a character. like as if he was telling the story. if he lived alone for a long time this would also go along well (him talking to himself), and judging by what you posted in your first post, that's how you wanted him to seem?

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It's nice work, but I just don't like the idea behind the story you're putting him in, it doesn't fit his character because he wasn't one to easily give up and turn into a recluse. I do remember Full Throttle being my favorite game as a child, and I even tried to bring it back but my CD won't work on the newer OS's and the freeware rip is shakey at best.

You're also forgetting to elaborate on what happened to Mo, as well as several other characters. Nice work though :]

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Hey guys, sorry I'm a bit late in a response. I haven't had a very open schedule open lately to do much work on this. It's completely unwrapped, but I can't texture it for another few days.

There was no type of game decided when doing these screenshots. And, as an environment artist, I wanted to focus on the scene and not the character. I'm simply providing a made-up backstory.

Cyanide - as far as I was thinking, with Ben's 'character' within the FT 'universe', anything is possible. I'm not forgetting to elaborate on Mo, and the other characters, I'm just focusing on the main one for now :) Thanks though. Hopefully in the end you'll come to like it as theres a few surprises still planned to sell this as a fake sequel.


I'll post more later on once I have something to show.

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