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Interview with Garry on Shacknews


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Making friends :D

You've got these big-ass mods like Black Mesa that have awesome graphics, but they've been in development for three years and all they've given us is 64 highly sharpened screenshots.

He mentions Insect Infestation like a misunderstood mod, but hey, they released with a ton of bugs. That's not exactly "doing everything right", make some internal testing, for god's sake. Empires suffered similar issues and they had to change the approach completely, now they are doing lots of internal test to release a much improved and bug free version.

But I'm with Garry at 100%, gameplay is more important than graphics, let's return to the roots.

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I seem to recall that Garry said some very nice things about The Ship, although I can't for the life of me remember where he said them, so I might have imagined it. Still, if he did, then I like Garry :) I must be one of the few people who hasn't actually played GMod though - it seems like a remarkable achievement, but it just isn't my sort of thing.

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I used to play Gmod quite a lot, what I liked most though was having a form of vehicle or base wars against a friend. We'd make a fort or vehicle from wood, make some manual weapons (propane tanks with thrusters on the bottom) and try to destroy each other's base/vehicle. Unfortunetly Gmod got a bit nasty after a few hours online, but those were fun times.

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Aye read it earlier, got me into finding silly Youtube movies with Gmod :D


I lol'd, mainly because thats how everything I've made with Gmod has looked, physics flying around at lightspeed :D

But yeah, his work method has definitely proven solid. Most Source mods should just get some balls, take a chance and release something that might not be polished to perfection. I for one miss the old HL1 days where you'd see mod updates each month or so, and see considerable improvements with each iteration. This current method might get you respected more as portfolio piece, but its also more or rendered the entire Source modding community a mere shadow of its former HL1 self.

But then it might also just be me who isn't keeping up enough with whats being released now, kinda gave up a year or so after HL2 was released :G

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