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Sooooo I didn't know this was out so soon. After playing it I can see why it's out so soon''

The bugs are constant, from shooting whilst reloading (if that's a feature I'm a blue whale); HUD messages staying on the screen - and accumulating from each save/start so you end up with a massive amount of text on the screen that doesn't belong there and won't go away.

The AI of team mates is shocking - nothing has been changed since the first version, I would go so far as to say it's actually worse in 2.

The art, when i first loaded it up, was great, some sexy normal maps (love the different height of bricks and things like that :P), the levels tho, were a little uninspired. After playing through four or five missions I started recognising buildings and large objects from previous levels. Now I know it's supposed to be set in mexico and stuff is generally going to look a like but it's a bit cheap to re-use whole buildings - especially when you look art some of the earlier GRAW levels which seemed massively unique (maybe it was just better disguised in 1).

The saving system still sucks shit, why can't we auto save, why must we have checkpoints that put us right back to the start of the level? I presume, and this is the only logical reason, it's to make the game last longer and to make it seem harder - you're hardly going to run out of memory - the game stores every single checkpoint anyway so wtf..

The cutscenes are hilarious, the voice and visuals sync up only half the time, the cuts between characters talking are abrupt and leave you thinking "has the other guy even finished what he was saying?".

Overall I have enjoyed it during the moments when it hasn't been sucking due to bugs and retarded game design, but I feel the whole thing has been totally rushed and it shows.

I don't know what the deal is or what problems Grin ran into, or if they were pushed into finishing the game early but it's a bit of a disapointment overall :'(

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The only beef I got with this game is the limits of the game.. I can barely run GRAW1 (and so can my friends), and now GRAW2 is coming out, and it runs even worse.. whats up with that :(

GRAW1 should run smooth as ice, while GRAW2 should be the one that goes "ok" for me.. :/ will sell 2x boxes if you dont make a game that demands new pc :(

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First one was cool, but seemed too generic in terms of storyline - 2 has a wicked storyline that really feels like a 24 series (nukes terrorists and chasing after elusive bad guys).

Don't get me wrong, it's an enjoyable game and I don't regret buying it - but it could have been so much more; the bugs are annoying as hell and the artwork whilst repetitive is very well done.

I'm tempted to buy 1 just to have a fresh comparison in my mind. But If I really wanted an impressive GR game I'd get the original series and the addons.

I dunno if GRAW1 has co-op storymode but GRAW2 has and I really want to play it with some friends, because I can see it being very fun with team mates that actually have a thought process that includes the term "don't get shot".

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