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Blind Spot (m)


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This has been on my mind all week, I was reading this book health book, and by that I mean laughing at the reproductive organs, when I came across a Blind Spot test thingy.

If this doesnt work, try agian, move slower, put your right eye directly infront of the X.

With your left eye closed, focus on the X and move your head back and forth slowly until the dot is gone. Dont take your focus off the X


Thanks FrieChamp for giving a cheap boy hosting.

Once you get it working:

It goes blank because it goes over your blind spot, which is where your optic nerve connects to your eye, there are no light receptors there


Our brains prevent us from having black dots in our view by covering the blind spot with what ever is around it. Pretty neat!

Note : It also works if you focus on the dot with your right eye closed :D

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It works.

Pretty neat, I have done quite a few of these things before. I find even if you just stare at wall or anything in a particular direction or someones face (best effect) for a prolonged period of time with both eyes open without blinking something pretty freaky happens too. Their faces warp, sometimes mouth disapears and everything (omai The_Matrix), and no, it's not just because your eyes are in need of relubrication (blinking). It doesn't take THAT long for the warpy effects to take place, just stare at a concentrated point.

- Ewok

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