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Green Something


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Project between me and a friend.

I do the design, he sits with me shouting and fkn around...what a great team we make...

Anyway, this is a part of the main-world, from which one travel to the other parts of it.

It is a SP-adventure. Adventure in the meaning there are no enemies and shooting, the game is completed by puzzles.

There are "things" called inhabitants on the different worlds, some get pretty strange.

No idea if it will be finished, it began as I just fooled around in hammer and milkshape.

I won't map for this engine for long, but I may finish this project later, or just cut it off and release the first part...which won't make any sense withouth the ending...too bad.

Some detailtextures and original textures looks bad, the trees suck and stuff, I'll fix it when I have time to care about it.

This is the "happy-place" of the game, the others are very bizare (spelling wtf?) and some get pretty cruel with scary stuff, like blood!!!

Comment what you like and what you hate, tho I prolly already know what you hate.

And no, this aint no damn LoTR-ripoff as the screens may suggest.

More inspired of a drawing of mine from a couple of years back.

Please be gentle, and keep me safe of flaming if something sucks.

Flaming is great as long as it is done against others.

A pic...of a place.

That white piece of stuff in the background will be fixed.


Same place, another angle.


Too empty, will add things to it, and fix those damn white thingys, esp the skin.


Remember, these are VERY early screens, a couple of hours only.

Been fooling with it from now to then.





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You don't see the puzzles...those are often seen in screenshots, esp after a couple of days designing, which is the START of the whole thing...I forgot, sorry. :-?

I won't show anything from the other areas, it would give away too much if this would be released.

BTW, all textures linking bad is fixed already.

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Lightning fixed, compiling now.

The texture doesn't tile because I made one 1024x2048 texture for an area, and then cut it down to 256-textures, and they need to be together.

That is still a test, I'll add things to it.

It may look blocky, but it isn't once you see it ingame.

The whole building and walls are built out of triangles, it has got some very complex brush-work, and some cool shapes.

Also, this place is very small, the door is about two thirds of a player, so it doesn't look very blocky ingame, since the brushes are small.

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