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there is clearly some anime inside joke going on here that i dont get but would like to know :D

model looks good its based of that anime base mesh you showed recently right ? good call not using alpha on those large hair ribbons or anywhere !

edit actually now i do see some alpha ... alpha blending is the DEVIL DON'T USE !!!!

but the highlight on the hair really shouldn't cast a shadow in the defuse texture !

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I don't get the joke either, desu means am, is or are. It makes no sense. :P

Love the model, I think it might have been prettier if the hair wasn't so long, right now it looks a bit weird hanging against her dress. The bottom parts of the texture on her hair looks a bit weird too.

Top notch for the rest though.

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I like it personally, wtflolanimez or otherwise. A week ago I would have shat on it probably but trying my hand at this character art stuff I kind of came to terms with how thoroughly difficult it is. I imagine even the cartoony stuff requires a good bit of patience and skill.

The skin could be worked on, but I guess realism was not the priority ;P

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