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[HL2DM] Streetfight

t-lk | metal-simon

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Hi guys!

This is a beta version of my first map.

Behind the APC is nothing, but, it´s just a beta! :wink:

In another Version the street is much longer.

I know, it isn't a good map...

Most of the textures are just placeholder.

Sorry for deleting most of the Pics, but, like you said, the map is too worse. :(

And, I repeat:





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Ouch, is it the end of mapcore ?


Spend some time looking at other people's (focus on Turtle Rocks for now) maps and try to capture some of the eye for detail and the importance of texturing. You haven't ever seen a wall that looks like that in your life unless we're not living on the same planet, so don't use the texture. "Is this plausible?" Is your new criteria :shock::shock::shock:

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Oh come on guys, I've seen MUCH MUCH MUCH worse 1st tries. Give the guy a break.

Just keep at it. Look at other people's work, go run through a few levels of HL2 and see how they use floor textures/wall textures etc together. Thats the first big learning curve, is using textures appropriately. The size/scaling issue just takes some time to know how big things 'look' in game. After that you can start to worry about props/entities/lighting(!!!) etc.

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Hmm, the textures aren`t the worst thing in your map.

Please improve the lighting. Choose lights with less contrast to the world. Dont make them too bright, dont use white lights....

Set them in positions where they wont cast too sharp shadows.

(btw: you don`t live together with a Martha and an Andi in Trier, don`t you? (just a question of interest^^ i slightly know a simon from trier, maybe it is you ;) ))

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Now, which textures should i use?

yeah and how long is a piece of string - it's not like some magical texture that we've been hiding from you is going to make your map amazing.

where did this influx come from? Has someone been talking about mapcore on other forums?! Loose lips sink ships...

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It's his first try. Quit being assholes.


First Screenshot: What's going on with the textures? The blue strip is supposed to be aligned to the bottom. Also, the red light appears to have no light source and doesn't really work well with the white textures.

Second Screenshot: The lights are WAY TO BRIGHT! It's like you left the default value. Use something more suitable for the light source such as a brightness of 50. Change the light colour as well. Hell, why not look here.

Third Screenshot: What's going on here? I would claim that it is fullbright if it weren't for the shadows (which are casting in the wrong direction btw) use the following guides.

Choose a sky you like from here and use the corresponding light_env settings from here.

That's how you crit people. :cool:

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