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Level Designer-Raven Software


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Level Designer


Raven Software, developer of numerous award winning games, including Soldier of Fortune, Quake IV, X-Men Legends, and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, is seeking an experienced level designer to focus on single player design.

Job duties include:

•Create, organize, and implement layouts and walkthroughs for all levels (puzzles, enemy placement, etc.)

•Analyze and debug levels as necessary

•Work in a team environment to critique and provide input on other levels

Come work with us on our exciting new titles! We offer a gorgeous work environment with state-of-the-art workstations, including 3d scanners and motion capture halls; an outstanding compensation and benefits package; a fun, team environment; impressively affordable living, and an exceptional quality of life!


•Highly knowledgeable in various aspects of level design including:

  • Level layout for gameplay
    Enemy placement/combat scenarios
    Camera setup
    Testing and refining levels

•Passionate about videogames and videogame design

•Strong organizational and problem solving skills

•Ability to take and apply direction and work well in a team environment

•Take feedback on work and provide others with valuable feedback

•Exceptional 3rd party modification work or custom level work

•Adept with all aspects of level editors such as Unreal Ed, Radiant, or Hammer

The ideal candidate will also have:

•Performed as a designer on a shipped title, preferably for a console.

•3D modeling experience using such packages as 3DS Max, Maya, or Lightwave

•Experience developing and working with in-game cinematics

•Strong traditional art background

To apply please go to: http://activision.taleo.net/servlets/CareerSection?art_ip_action=FlowDispatcher&flowTypeNo=13&pageSeq=2&reqNo=17143&art_servlet_language=en&selected_language=en&csNo=10020#topOfCsPage

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