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Battlestar Galactica: Colonial forces looking for mapper

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Hey all!

Battlestar Galactica: Colonial Forces is a "mini total-conversion" being built on the Source Engine that puts you on the ground in some of the most recognizable locations from the re-imagined series including the algae planet, Kobol, and New Caprica with deathmatch and command-point/assault style gameplay. Play as the quick and diversly armed Colonials who just want to reach earth, or the slow but powerfull Cylons trying to extinguish the human race!

We are a small but dedicated team of experienced modders and we are now looking for another experienced level designer to...design levels.

blaster_thumb.jpg cylon_thumb.jpg

Colonial Blaster Pistol..............................Cylon Centaurion

The rest of our media can be seen on our ModDB profile.

Our website with some more details on the mod, and a forum, is here.

The ideal person...

--Is a fan of the show

--Is experienced and knowledgeable with Hammer and the general aspects of Source modding

--Has FINISHED and PLAYABLE work to show

--Has sufficient time to dedicate to Colonial Forces

--Is comfortable recreating environments from reference imagery

--Preferably has worked on a mod team before

Please email me @ lea.jamie@gmail.com if your interested. Include examples or links of/to your work. You can also post in the applications area on our forums.

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eh? its based on a tv show in case you didnt catch that, so we are trying to match the dynamics with how the ground battles usually play out in the show. its just a small tribute mod really -mrhappy

I would also like to note we do have a working internal alpha with some of our custom content implemented. :) -tkaza

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