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Cloud City Trainstation


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Hey there peeps,

Ive had some more inspiration to start a new map. It will be a Death Match Map, set in a small but very modern train station. The 'cage' of the map i have stolen from an old map i had. (http://www.monkah-design.com/env_stat.html) Expect some contemporary sculpture and modern urban feel to the level.

I will keep this thread updated.


So for now, i have fleshed out the station as a whole but im only really ready to show an early WIP of the detailed Front Desk and Staircase. Enjoy!





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Yea, looks good so far. Hard to give critz on something so early in development.

I dont know if its because some geometry doesnt have textures, and so its easier to see, but the res of the lightmaps on some objects really differ against other objects, making shadows go from sharp to blurry. looks a bit weird.

Looking forward to seeing an update :)

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