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Avalon for UT3 - Level designers/Env artists wanted

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Hi all. We're looking for skilled Level Designers and Environment Artists to join our core development team.

The mod:

Briefly, Avalon is an FPS multiplayer squad-based game, set in a new sci-fi world. You can get a slimmed-down version of our design document here, I promise it's an interesting read: http://www.avalon-mod.com/summary_design_document.doc. Our gameplan is to work on a gameplay prototype in UT2004 for now, and iterate until UT3 comes along. Assets will be tested in Roboblitz until that point too.

The positions:

Level designer (3 positions, 1 lead)

You will liaise with our Art and Code leads to integrate assets and gameplay features into your levels. You have a strong background in UnrealEd and particularly ONS style mapping, which is the nearest UT gametype to ours. You are reliable and can work to a design document. You plan your levels carefully, with input from designer and programmers. Lead level designers would have the ability to see the scope of the project, rather than just the map they are working on, and direct other mappers to maintain gameplay coherence within the whole mod.

Environment Artist (4 positions)

You will work under our Lead Artist and Lead Level Designer, and you will be asked to create specific assets for level designers. You can work comfortably from a brief, a concept or creatively from scratch. You can model, skin and texture your assets. Concept art skills are a plus. Ideally you can build both organic and mechanical assets. You are reliable, trustworthy, and a team player.


- (EnvArtist) Skilled user of 3DSMax or Maya – please provide samples of your work

- (LevelDesign) Adept user of UnrealEd - experience in ONS or other more open styles of mapping – please provide examples of your work

- (LevelDesign) UE3 Licensee priveledges a massive plus

- Familiarity with RoboBlitz/UE3 pipeline a big plus

- You must be a communicator and a team member

- Experience with version control systems a plus, preferably SVN

- Take pride in your work

- Love modding and games!

What you get:

- Be part of an established and active core team

- Portfolio work

- Full credit of course!

- Fun!

You can contact me by email here: jambozal@avalon-mod.com or get in touch via MSN with: microcreature@hotmail.com. We mostly use MSN to keep in real time contact, and other communication/development is based at our ModCenter hub here.

-- Our website -- our ModDB profile --

Thanks and I hope to speak to you soon!

Joshua Marriott,

Project manager/Designer/Lead sound artist

Guys, I know this thread may get ripped apart for lack of pretty pictures. Alot of the work we have done right now is code work in UT2k4, which is hard to show nicely. Don't forget we've given you the short version of our design document, which is more than most mods will ever show in public - there's some concept art in there too. Have a read of it before you judge us.

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