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Tutorial - Producing Level Design Ideas


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I decided to write a tutorial covering my methods of producing and documenting level design ideas. This tutorial covers where to look for ideas/inspiration and how to put them on paper for current or future reference. You can read the tutorial here:


Feedback is welcome. What did you guys like? What did you dislike? What would you like to see more of?


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you forgot games at inspiration ;)

a thing i would want to add would be sketching in pseudo 3d.. seen from a static camera angle you see the whole level, and try to map it out (just like in a 3d viewport/hammer/maya/3dsm). of course there'll be point where you have to compensate some places, but even at that, it adds wholeness and of course a perspective overview.

other than that, the whole tut is a bit short, i guess you could elaborate a bit more on the sections.

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You guys are funny with your pseudo 3d comments. What's important is the level itself, not the sketches, unless you want to be a concept artist. Some skip sketching step and go straight to the editor itself. Don't limit yourself by making precise and clean sketches.


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